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Drinks Reception Wedding Hilton Park Lane London

Drinks Reception Wedding Hilton Park Lane London

Drinks Reception Wedding Hilton Park Lane London

I recently had the pleasure of performing as a Magician in Mayfair London. I was hired for drinks reception, performing for a lovely couple and their guests at the Hilton Park Lane.

I arrived once people had settled and you could hear the buzz of people chatting away in the atmosphere. There was a photo booth at the event too, which people were enjoying, especially after a few drinks.

Out of all the weddings I have ever performed at this one had the most impressive cake. It has 12 tiers, all of which were real! It was enormous! Sadly I did not get a chance to try some.

I started to mingle with the guests who were a lively bunch. After a bit of warm up, I began to perform my close-up magic around the drinks reception crowd. I started with some mentalism routines, which then led so some money effects.

Reactions I received were amazing, people were screaming and shouting and asking their family members to come over quick. Starting with a crowd of four this escalated to 15 and at one point I the about 50 people from drinks reception watching me perform a burning coin through deck routine. I worked my way through the crowd; before I knew it my 2 hours were up and the Bride and Groom were due to arrive.

I had such an amazing time that day, it couldn’t have been any better. This was the last gig on my summer stint and what a fabulous way to end it before I went to Dubai.

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"We booked Dr Magic for our corporate Christmas Party. We have quite a few sceptics in our team but we were all blown away by the fantastic magic. This is street magic at its best-this man gives Dynamo a run for his money! Highly recommended."

- Saima Khan (BT Local)

"For the Lonely Planet Street Food Festival we were looking for entertainment which would be unique and engaging and Dr Magic fitted the bill perfectly. The journalists and members of the public who attended the festival were unanimously amazed by his tricks”"

- Lonely Planet

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