Dr Magic

London Magician

Close-up magician and qualified General Practitioner working in practices and hospitals across London and the Midlands.

"Absolutely stunning..."

- Bob Wilson

Footballer/TV Presenter

"Dr Magic, what incredible talent..."

- Ashok Vaswani

CEO Barclays

"OMG!! Why is this happening..."

- Amara Kanu

UK Close Up Magician & Doctor

Hi and a warm welcome to my webpage!

A little about me: I am Mahesh, a qualified General Practitioner working in practices and hospitals across London and the Midlands.

As well as being a doctor by day I am also a professional magician by night (hence known as Dr Magic!). Yes a very unusual combination-I got into magic from the age of 6.

Both interests have taught me different lessons. With medicine I have learnt the importance of health and the value of life. Whereas being a magician has positively impacted my mental wellbeing. Especially during years of intense studying, exams and working in challenging conditions which led to instances of personal health conditions. This has taken me down the path of preventative health medicine which I applied myself and has had a positive effect on my wellbeing.

Before the Covid-19 lockdown I was self-isolating due to contact with covid patients. It was during this time I felt a desire to combine my two passions: medicine and magic to pass on vital and simple healthcare messages via videos to the public.

The videos have been successful as they were informative, entertaining and simple to understand.

This has now led me to pursue this further, as a way of promoting a healthy lifestyle in a light-hearted way.

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"We booked Dr Magic for our corporate Christmas Party. We have quite a few sceptics in our team but we were all blown away by the fantastic magic. This is street magic at its best-this man gives Dynamo a run for his money! Highly recommended."

- Saima Khan (BT Local)

"For the Lonely Planet Street Food Festival we were looking for entertainment which would be unique and engaging and Dr Magic fitted the bill perfectly. The journalists and members of the public who attended the festival were unanimously amazed by his tricks”"

- Lonely Planet

Lonely Planet